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In all guitar music and especially blues music, for me, the electric guitar is played from the heart. Every nuance, from the moment a note is picked or even how it is picked, to how it decays, is important. The expression of emotion and feel is vital. When I first started playing the guitar, in the early 70s, I was listening to mainly rock music. There was an underlying theme to much of this music which fascinated me. It was the Blues. I discovered where it came from but the rough sounding old recordings were off-putting and hard to listen to when you are young and the current new music seemed to sound better! What I really liked was the more fluid derivative produced by the contemporaries inspired by the older music. Since the Seventies that heavier rock music has morphed into heavy metal/grunge/thrash and it has lost its way. Thankfully, there are many blues artists of the contemporary period now producing music which re-discovers it's roots and at the same time transforms itself into a newer art form. 


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